Hot Tub Party Hits the Bullseye

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The Hot Tub Giveaway Party at the Country Lanes and Entertainment Center on Thursday, September 27 was right on target for what Great Lakes Radio strives to provide as a fun event for the listeners.The food from Mama Russo’s was a hit, as usual. My hat’s off to the staff at the Country Lanes for their excellent service.

All those who attended were in a festive mood and seemed to really enjoy shooting darts. We had great door prizes and of course, that fabulous hot tub. The only thing that would have made the event even hotter would have been having the hot tub filled with happy party-goers!

Congratulations to Debbie Tarvainen on her win of that fabulous hot tub from the Rec Depot in Marquette. And for the others who won the twenty other super prizes, enjoy your winnings. To the rest of the gang attending the party, thank you for an opportunity to mingle with you and a chance to put faces to the listeners we hear from daily. Without all of you, there would be no reason to have a giveaway.

To my fellow Great Lakes Radio comrades, even though it was a work-related evening, it was great evening of laughs and a chance to see each other out of the office and studios. You guys rock! And to our GP Todd Noordyk,  thanks for the job that provides me with a lot of entertainment!

I look forward to the next giveaway and can’t wait to start registrations for a chance to give someone “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

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