Health Tip – Nov. 7 – Shaky Hands?

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Essential tremor is a common condition, affecting millions of people worldwide. Characterized by the involuntary shaking of the hands, head or neck, the symptoms and severity can vary from day to day, even hour to hour. Some people experience tremors when in certain positions, or when writing or eating. Unfortunately, no one knows the exact cause, though it is known that stress, anxiety and fatigue may worsen the tremors.

If you experience essential tremors, try the following (each may help to reduce the duration and frequency of the tremors):

1. Eliminate consumption of caffeine, including coffee, colas and caffeinated tea.

2. Limit alcohol. (A small amount of alcohol may temporarily reduce tremors, but should never be used to treat symptoms.)

3. Know the side effects of prescription drugs or herbs you are taking. Amphetamines, lithium or stimulants can all contribute to shaking.

4. Begin a regular practice of relaxation techniques such as meditation or tai chi.

5. Consider cranial osteopathy or some form of energy medicine such as Therapeutic Touch or Reiki. You might also experiment with acupuncture, hypnosis and massage.

6. Consider herbal-based relaxants such as valerian. Follow the dosage directions on the product labels. Caution is recommended for those with liver problems.

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