Health Tip – Nov. 12 – Go “Wild” With Blueberries

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I am a great fan of wild blueberries, and I was pleased to see the results from the 15th Annual Wild Blueberry Health Summit in Bar Harbor, Maine. Uniting some 20 researchers from North America and Europe, the conference examined the role of wild blueberries in diabetes prevention, cardiovascular health, brain health and other potential therapeutic uses.

According to the findings presented, regular consumption of wild blueberries may help to alleviate high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and impaired glucose tolerance. Also, wild blueberries protect against certain types of strokes and promote good bacteria, which are critical to digestive health and the immune system.

Additional findings include wild blueberries helping prevent the types of bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections from attaching to the bladder wall and causing infection, and can improve motor skills and reverse short-term memory loss associated with aging.

Generally, wild blueberries have higher amounts of healthful phytochemicals than are typically found in domestic blueberries, making them worth their somewhat higher cost. Wild blueberries are widely available in frozen form at many supermarkets and natural food stores

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