Health Tip – Nov. 26 – Doubting Brides More Likely to Divorce

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Here’s a behavioral health study that might help to explain escalating rates of divorce: researchers at UCLA found that women who have pre-wedding doubts are more likely to be divorced four years later than those with no doubts. Even among couples who remain married after four years the brides or grooms who had doubts before the ceremony were significantly less satisfied with marriage than those who had no doubts.

The UCLA research team followed 232 couples, evaluating their marriage status and satisfaction every six months for four years. When asked at the initial interview whether either party had doubts, 47 percent of men and 38 percent of the women said yes, but the investigators found that the women’s worries were the best indication of whether or not the marriage would last. The study showed that 19 percent of wives who had doubts before their weddings were divorced four years later compared to eight percent of those who voiced no doubts.

For the men, 14 percent of those who had doubts were divorced four years later compared to nine percent of those who had no pre-wedding doubts. The researchers’ advice? Address the doubts before the wedding. Don’t count on them going away “when you have a mortgage and two kids.”

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