Health Tip – Jan. 16 – Hypnosis For Hot Flashes

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Here’s an interesting option for women suffering from hot flashes: hypnosis may reduce the frequency of uncomfortable waves of heat by as much as 74 percent, according to a new study from the Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory at Baylor University in Texas.

Researchers recruited 187 postmenopausal women who reported having at least seven hot flashes per day and assigned them to either clinical hypnosis with at-home practice, or to a comparison treatment called structured attention.

The women in the hypnosis group had five weekly sessions with clinicians trained in hypnosis, and were given suggestions for mental images as well as audio recordings of a hypnotic induction to use during home practice. The women in both groups reported their hot flashes to the investigators for 12 weeks, and the research team also evaluated the frequency of the women’s flashes by a skin conductance device.

The researchers confirmed a 74 percent reduction in the number of hot flashes among the women in the hypnosis group and reported only a 17 percent reduction in hot flashes among the women in the comparison group.

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