Health Tip – Feb. 21 – Cell Phone Addiction

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Could you be addicted to your cell phone? A team of addiction researchers thinks so. The investigators linked the near constant use of cell phones and instant messaging (particularly among college students) to well known “consumption pathologies” such as compulsive buying and credit card misuse. The investigators trace cell phone “addiction” to materialism and impulsiveness and note that impulsiveness plays an important role in addiction.

They cite studies showing that young adults send an average of 109.5 text messages daily, receive an additional 113 text messages and typically check their cell phones 60 times a day. On the basis of self-report surveys of 191 business students at two U.S. universities, the researchers concluded that cell phones are used by approximately 90 percent of college students, most of whom claim that losing their cell phones would be disastrous to their social lives.

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