Health Tip – Sept. 24 – Fall Allergies

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Every fall, you’re suddenly sneezing, coughing. Could it be fall allergies? It’s certainly a possibility. Ragweed blooms profusely this time of year. Those lovely, falling leaves become moldy, rotting vegetation after they hit the ground. And no surprise it turns out many people are sensitive to both ragweed pollen and mold.

Dust mites can also trigger fall allergy symptoms. Although they’re present year-round, dust mites are stirred up by dirty ventilation systems. When you turn on your furnace, mold and dust mites are jettisoned into your air space.

Here’s some advice: See a doctor soon. Don’t wait until the symptoms hit hard to start getting treatment. The best way to get relief from runny noses and itchy, watery eyes is to prevent them before they start getting out of hand.

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