Health Tip – Oct. 18 – More Good News About Nuts

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Eating about an ounce of nuts – particularly walnuts – at least three times a week may lower your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease compared with people who don’t eat nuts.

The latest study comes from Spain, where researchers looked at the effects of eating Mediterranean diets plus either olive oil or nuts vs. the effects of a low fat diet among more than 7,000 participants ages 55 to 90. Those who ate nuts had lower BMIs, smaller waists, were more physically active, were less likely to smoke and ate more vegetables, fruits and fish than those who rarely or never ate nuts, researchers reported. Rates of type 2 diabetes were lower among the nut eaters and fewer of them were on drugs for high blood pressure.

Overall, study participants who reported eating nuts had 39 percent lower risk of dying during the study than non-nut-eaters, while the risk of death for those who ate walnuts was 45 percent lower, investigators wrote. The risk of death due to cardiovascular disease was 55 percent lower and their risk of dying from cancer was 40 percent lower among those who ate nuts.

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