Health Tip – Nov. 4 – Pneumonia Shots’ Widespread Benefits

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Getting vaccinated against pneumonia is a good idea for seniors 65 and older, but a new study shows that when little kids are immunized, most of us profit regardless of age. A new nationwide analysis shows that routinely vaccinating children cut hospitalizations for pneumonia in nearly all age groups, particularly youngsters and seniors.

Over the past decade annual hospitalizations for pneumonia dropped by 10 percent overall as a direct result of adding the pneumonia vaccine to the immunizations kids receive, Vanderbilt University researchers reported. The biggest beneficiaries were adults over the age of 85 – hospitalizations for pneumonia among this vulnerable group dropped 23 percent annually.

The only increase in pneumonia cases seen during the course of the study was a 10 percent uptick among adults ages 40 to 64. The study results also showed that there was no apparent reason to worry that a new strain of pneumonia would evolve to replace the ones protected against by the vaccine.

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