Dee Dee’s Memories of the Kennedy Assassination

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It was an average day for me on the 22nd of November in 1963. I was in the second grade, sitting at my desk and thinking about the upcoming weekend. The principal of the school came into our classroom and took our teacher, Mrs. Hurley, out into the hall. Mrs. Hurley returned a couple of minutes later, visibly shaken and crying. She told us that our President had been shot and that we were all being sent home from school early. Many of my classmates began to cry. I was just kind of stunned, wondering why someone would want to shoot the President.

As soon as I arrived home from school, I saw what had happened on television. Those images have forever been burned into my memory. Watching the President Kennedy slump over in that open car, the frenzy of the people all around, the horrified look on the face of Jackie Kennedy, all made me sick to my stomach.  The weekend brought those images to the television over and over. As young as I was, I knew the world as I had known it had ended. Things would never be the same. I was just grateful for my loving family, especially for my dad, who explained that sometimes horrible things can happen to good people.

The funeral broke my heart, watching the President’s children grieve, kissing the flag draped over the casket. Little John saluting his father…oh how awful that time had to have been for that family.  The nation was stunned at the loss of their leader and I felt saddened by the death of someone I never knew. Rest in peace, President Kennedy.

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