Health Tip – Dec. 11 – What’s Your Breast Cancer Risk?

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Dee Dee - Health Tip

Dee Dee – Health Tip

Whatever your view of your breast cancer risk, it’s probably incorrect. A recent survey of nearly 10,000 women revealed that fewer than one in 10 accurately estimated their lifetime risk of breast cancer.  About 45 percent of the women participating underestimated their risk, while 46 percent over-estimated it. In general, the survey showed that minority women were more likely to underestimate their odds of developing the disease, while white women overestimated.

The women, ages 35-70, completed questionnaires at 21 mammography centers on Long Island, N.Y. They were asked 25 questions about their perceptions of breast cancer risk up to age 90. Results showed that three percent of the women estimated their breast cancer risk to be zero to five percent; 35 percent estimated five to 10 percent; 40 percent of the women estimated 10 to 15 percent; 12 percent put their risk at 15 to 20 percent; while five percent estimated 20 to 25 percent and another five percent estimated their risk as greater than 25 percent.

Despite ongoing media attention, awareness campaigns, pink ribbons, breast cancer walks, and breast cancer month, most women lack accurate knowledge of their own breast cancer risk. And men also forget or don’t know that they too have a risk of developing breast cancer. Find out what your risk is by asking your physician or health care professional.

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