Health Tip – Dec. 18 – Do You Really Know How Much Wine You Are Drinking?

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Dee Dee - Health Tip

Dee Dee – Health Tip

Unless you’re measuring carefully, you may not have a clue. A new study on the subject of wine consumption shows that informal servings differ based on the size of the glass you’re using, whether you are holding the glass as you pour or whether you’re pouring red wine or white.

Researchers at Cornell University and Iowa State University looked into the wine-serving issue. They asked students to do the pouring and here’s what they found: study participants poured about 12 percent more wine into a wide glass than a standard wine glass. They also poured more when they were holding the glass than when it was standing on a table. And when pouring white wine into a clear glass, they poured about 9 percent more than they did when pouring red. (Here, color contrast is believed responsible for the difference.)

The researchers also found that wine drinkers focus more on vertical than horizontal measures and tend to consume less when they drink from a narrow glass because the serving appears larger than it actually is.

For the record, a standard serving of wine is five ounces. If you want to make sure you don’t over-imbibe here are two tips from the researchers: use narrow wine glasses and pour only when the glass is on a table, not in your hand. Alternatively, measure five ounces of wine into a glass you already own and note the height of the liquid; use that observation as a rough measure in the future.

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