Health Tip – Mar. 28 – Signs You Are Tired of Winter

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Dee Dee - Health Tip

Dee Dee – Health Tip

Winter seems to just keep hammering at us this year. Even the biggest fan of the snow and cold can get a wee bit of cabin fever at this point of the season. According to the calendar, it is already spring, but one look out the window tells us otherwise. Here are a few signs you are tired of winter.

1. You groan every time you check the weather on your phone when you wake up and curse that silly groundhog for predicting six more weeks of winter.

2. At this point, a “little wintry mix” isn’t going to stop you from firing up the grill.

3. You’re so eager to start your spring landscaping that you are tempted to grab your blow dryer and start thawing out your flower beds.

4. You’ve cranked up the heat just so you can lounge around the house in your favorite sundress and sandals.

5. You don’t care that it’s only 30 degrees — you’re getting iced coffee on your lunch break…even if you have to hold it wearing your gloves.

6. So what that there’s still snow in the front yard? You’re putting out that flowery spring flag anyway.

7. You’ve changed the ring tone on your phone to birds chirping.

8. You’ve displaced the cat from her favorite window sill because, dang it, it’s time to start your seedlings.

Are these things normal or do you need to seek help? Rest easy – you are among thousands, maybe millions who are tired of winter. Do whatever it takes to shake off the winter woes. And don’t lose hope. Spring will get here eventually.





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