King John’s Castle in Limerick, Ireland

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King John's Castle on the Banks of the River Shannon,

King John’s Castle on the Banks of the River Shannon,

One of my favorite stops in Ireland is Limerick. The charming old town on the banks of the River Shannon boasts the impressive King John’s Castle. The castle, built in 1200by order of King john on King’s Island, is on a site that dates back to a Viking settlement established around 922 a.d.

The castle is one of the best preserved Norman castles in Europe, the walls, towers and fortifications remain today. The remains of a Viking settlement were uncovered during archaeological excavations at the site in 1900.

The mighty River Shannon flows past this castle and the city of Limerick has built a wonderful park on its banks where visitors can sit and watch the swans on the river. It is a great place to view King John’s Castle and marvel at the rich history of Ireland and some of the enduring landmarks.

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