MTBA Meeting Highlights 4/16/13

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The Marquette Township Business Association met today, Tuesday April 16th, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Numerous positive things are happening in the association including events we are sponsoring, being a conduit between business people in the township, and providing a roundtable discussion for concerned business people in the community.
  • The association will prorate any dues from inactive unpaid members if they would like to join in the second quarter.
  • Marquette Township Treasurer, Ernie Johnson, did a report that the new township buildings are moving along quickly. Construction will be done and will meet the August 31st deadline.
  • 62 percent of the budget has been spent on the township hall and 51 percent on the fire hall.
    The bricks have arrived for the outside of the building and when the weather lets up that’ll be done. The tower is up at the fire hall and the clock is still coming!
  • Tonight’s township meeting will cover converting the current fire hall into the public works building. It will also cover when other township properties are to be sold.
  • Another strategic planning session will happen soon. The next three years will be planned for Marquette Township visionary meeting.
  • A Lions Field update includes that Marquette County has abandoned Erie Street. Paperwork needs to be given to the court system for Stage 1, closing the road. However, money is tight at the moment and it’ll probably be said that it can wait for a while.
  • The Kennecott truck route is still in the news: there’s lots of ideas for a new truck route in Marquette Township, but little money is available. The EPA issues remain for all plans at this point. Currently, trucks head up Wright Street, to US41 and away they go.
  • The big issue concerning the tax tribunal is underway. Marquette township has invested $200,000 this far for depositions at the tribunal in Grand Rapids. At issue are the 6 township box stores who are trying to have their taxes reduced from $60 a square-foot to $25 a square-foot using downstate values – where they have left the cities and didn’t sell the abandoned stores. This is so they can claim the properties are worth much less, so the tax should be worth less.

It appears there are also deed restrictions on the big box stores, meaning it cannot be re- purposed to another box store they leave, and it’s not worth what it actually says it is. A large attorney firm has hit several small townships in Michigan. They are just getting into this new tax reduction because these small townships do not have the legal money budgeted for legal fees, to fight this large difference in proposed tax cuts.



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