U.P. Sunshine–What a Relief!

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There are so many beautiful places to have a quiet moment with Nature.

There’s nothing quite like summer in Marquette, Michigan.

As a Lansing transplant, I’ve quickly learned the value of the woods to bring peace to a cluttered mind. And with the sun’s emergence, winter is like a bad dream that I’m NOT trying to remember.

Whether it’s Echo Lake, Wetmore Pond, Sugarloaf, Presque Isle, Little Presque, or the thousands of lovely spots just waiting to be stumbled on, Yoopers know how to appreciate the majestic beauty of this country.

Here’s to realizing I’m a Yooper at heart!

Bring a book, some binoculars (if you love birds like me), and a snack– there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than appreciating the mysterious ecosystem to which we are so intimately linked.

So get out there in the sunshine! Summer’s here!

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