Motor Cycle Mama rolls in and graces Lindala with a prize

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Walts Mortor Cycle Mama Came In To Say HiMarquette Township  –  Wednesday July 3, 2013  –  Broadcaster Walt Lindala is greeted by a motorcyclist in full black leather with a gift of Daisy’s while he is on the Shopping Show Wednesday!
The Shopping Show was going on LIVE on 4 stations blanketing the Upper Peninsula.  About 9:45, 45 minutes into Wednesday’s show, when Smoke House Glenn was talking to Major Discount in the studios about grillin’ homemade brats, in walks a cyclist in leather.
He has his leather beanie on, leather gloves, chaps and a vest, and he wore a big smile.
Neither Smoke House Glenn nor I, Major Discount,  knew what to say when Motor Cycle Mama came into give tough, bold, big Walt Lindala some daisies.
WOW!  You just never know what might happen in Live, Local Radio.

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