Negaunee Men Doing Well In Leadville At 37 Mile Mark

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Leadville, Colorado  –  July 14, 2013  –  The race was filled  with several weather changes today.  It started cold with 600 people at the starting  line.

Jon and Joe have their coats on prior to the early 6am start.  It was a weather event for sure in the mountains of Colorado.  Leadville alone is 12,000 feet above sea level which produced, rain, wind, and very warm conditions too.  We heard from Naomi at the 13mile,  and 37mile check point marks and she said they both looked good and were going strong with a solid plan to finish the 50mil mountain run.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to breathe there and to actually run 50miles?  Wow! These two men are amazing with their commitment levels and challenges they put themselves into.

Jon and Joe Vizena are warming very early prior to the 6am start in Leadville

Jon and Joe Vizena, trying to stay warm prior to the 6am start in Leadville

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