I Love to Hate My Kindle

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Ishpeming  –  October 24, 2013  –  I’ve always said I would never own an e-reader, but I finally gave in last year and bought a Kindle. It’s just the basic version, but I still felt like I was cheating on my books as I opened the package from Amazon.com and set it up.

It is convenient to be able to carry around a library of books in one little, easy-to-carry


That just doesn’t look right to me, a Kindle where books should be.

package, but I still can’t help but hate it a little every time I use it. It lacks the character and charm that I’ve learned to appreciate from books — the way they smell, the sound of turning pages, even the way the covers feel in my hands and the quirky marks from the printing process left on the pages.

I have 57 books on my Kindle now and every month I find myself downloading new ones. I’m using it more and more, but that guilty feeling remains every time I turn it on or plug it into my computer.

I know I’ll never wear the ink off the pages of my Kindle and that I can take my “library” with me wherever I go either with the Kindle or on my cell phone. I suppose convenience counts for something.

Maybe someday I’ll get over my loathing of electronic books, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to replace the real thing. I can easily kill an afternoon at the library or wandering through a bookstore. I know, I know… everything I can find in a bookstore or the library can be found online in an easy-to-view downloadable version. Sorry, Barnes & Noble.

I’m Nancy, and that’s my take on the Kindle. How do you feel about e-readers?

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