Super One Foods Helps Customers Donate to Local Food Banks – Dash for Cash Promotion

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Store Manager, Robert Delongchamp shows off the generosity of Super One and its customers

Marquette November 6 – Super One Foods of Marquette was able to donate over $14,000 to local food pantries with their new Dash for Cash promotion that  ran from July 14 through October 19.

Dash for Cash was a fun promotion within the store with special deals in every aisle. Customers won at least one dollar with every Dash for Cash card and had the option of donating their winnings to help fund the local food banks and enter a second chance drawing.

Because of customers donating their $1 winnings and entering the second chance drawing, Super One was able to give $9,000 to the St. Vincent DePaul food pantry and $5,000 to the Salvation Army. A total of $14,000 was donated to our local food pantries.

That’s a lot of great help to the local foods banks from Super One and it’s customers! What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.

Major Discount said every time he went to the deli to buy olive loaf for lunch, he kept hearing winners being announced over the store speakers.

I also took part in the Dash for Cash promotion. While shopping, my daughter, Becca and I continuously heard the winners being announced, “Winner, Winner, WINNER! We’ve got a Dash for Cash winner at aisle three!” Becca thought it was silly because the cashiers would shake maracas and announce every single winner that came through their checkout — and there was a winner about every 45 seconds! Even if it was silly, it was a lot of fun and some of those cashiers were really into celebrating the Dash for Cash winners.

I didn’t win the $1,000 prize, but I did fill up several Dash for Cash cards and donated the $1 winnings to the food pantry with each one. Even if I don’t win any prizes in the second chance drawing, I was able to help our community and by shopping at Super One, I brought home quality food for my family at a great price.

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