Royales Roundup – Marquette Royales Win AGAIN!

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Jim Parks Reporting

11/2/2013 Marquette, Michigan – I enjoy hockey! I love Marquette Royales Hockey!


Player Stats

As I have said before, it is tough being objective, when it comes to reporting on Royales games. This time, I’m going to combine my efforts and provide a landscape view of where they are and what I witnessed during Friday and Saturday night’s games.

Let’s start with: First place in the league, 14 straight wins, undefeated on home ice, and possess league leading stats! These guys are good!


Oilers goal

The weekend series with the Wooster Oilers started off very methodically on Friday night. Both teams came out and seemed to be testing one another; sizing each other up, testing defensive lines, getting familiar with shift rotation, the usual. The Oilers would strike first at 5:31 of the 1st period. The tone was set. The Royales would knot the game at 1 all, less than 3 minutes later, on a goal by St. Louis, Missouri native Drew Jarvis. Momentum would shift back and forth through the second period. After 2, the Oilers managed to claim the lead at 3 to 2.


Royales Celebration

This is the point at which you really would love to be a fly on the wall of the Royales locker room. While all of the fan activities are taking place between the 2nd and 3rd periods, the Royales seem to use this extended break to decompress, regroup, and ignite the fire within. It’s clear, this organization is a winner. These guys don’t want, or perhaps betters said, “refuse” to lose.

The Royales exploded in the 3rd, banging in 2 goals within the first 2 minutes, putting the Royales on top 4 to 3. The Royales went on to add 3 more over the next 10 minutes, putting the Oilers against the wall.

The Oilers fought on and were able to notch 2 late goals to make it a 7/5 finale and the Royales winning streak continues at 13 straight.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Royales – Looking to keep the streak alive. Oilers – Looking to be the spoilers.


2-1 Royales

The Oilers set the tone early with a quick goal less than 2 minutes. I’m thinking to myself, having watched the guys before, “that probably wasn’t a very good idea.” My hunch proved correct. A short time later, Marquette’s Dallas McLaughlin scored an unassisted, short-handed goal on a beautiful breakaway. It seemed as though the goalie suffered a little vertigo as McLaughlin completely sucked the goalie off balance for the back-handed tally! From there it really got interesting.

Royales 2nd goal by #16 Trevor Givens – Hancock – came at 8:26


Hmmm! Can someone explain what just happened?

Just getting started! The Royales added 2 more in the 1st to make it 4-1 at the break. The second period wasn’t much different. Royales fans were in for the ride and the Oilers players and coaches ran in a full-blown buzz saw! Dallas McLaughlin started the 2nd period with the Royales 5th goal at just 23 seconds in. The Oilers clearly were not happy about that and became a little testy. The penalty boxes saw a flurry of activity over the next several minutes and the officials had more penalty conferences than play calls.


And the winner of tonight’s chuck-a-puck is???


Win Me!

The Royales had enough! They hit the gas and never let off… scoring 2 more goals to 1 Oiler goal before the break — 7 to 2.


Shooting for the side-by-side

Now, remember what I said earlier about that lull between the 2nd and 3rd periods?

3rd period. Or, pe•ri•od (ˈpɪər i əd) n (1) the point or character (.) used to mark the end of a declarative sentence. (2) a round of time a marked by the recurrence of some phenomenon.

This pretty much sums it up. The Royales came out to make a statement… to the Oilers and to the entire league.

Royales Matt Marcin of Park Ridge, Illinois scored on one of the prettiest passing assists I have ever witnessed. The skill that Dallas McLaughlin showed by threading the needle and perfectly hitting Marcin for the shot was most impressive. Royals 8-2!

Soon after, the Oilers scored to make it 8-3.

With 5 minutes to go in the game, an 8 to 3 lead seems as though a win is at hand. Yet, for the Royales, a mere ‘win’ isn’t necessarily good enough. Instead, the Royales opened up a can of their famous brand of whoopa** and scored 4 unanswered goals in a dazzling display of speed and skill. The stunned Oilers staggered to the locker room, suffering a 12 to 3 spanking— PERIOD!

Oh, ya… make that 14 straight!

Royales head coach Mike Stanaway says the statement made should answer any remaining skepticism anyone has about the team’s ability.

Coach Stanaway’s Comments


Victory Salute to the Fans

One final statement…The Royals are the U.P. Cinderella story of the season. I remain hopeful that hockey fans will finally wake up. This is not a fluke! These guys are good! They are 100% for real! They are starting to build a loyal following but if you love hockey and haven’t seen the Royales play, you are missing the best show on ice in the entire U.P.  To steal a phrase, C’mon Man… make it a point to get out and support the Royales. Seriously! You can’t afford not to.

The next home series is November 8, 9, and 10 against the Central Wisconsin Saints. The Royales have made their statement to the fans and to every team in the league. You can bet the Saints will want to respond to that strong of a statement. It ought to be an incredible series.






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