Fall Fail or Winter Win?

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Lawn With Leaves

Rake or Mow?

Marquette, MI (11/14/13) Winter hasn’t stuck yet. A little snow doesn’t scare us Yoopers. Especially when it melts in two days. But in the U.P. you see some crazy things and today I saw something that made me do a double take.

I was driving to get some lunch and happened to notice a guy mowing his lawn. Now it was warm enough and there was no snow on that block. But this guy’s lawn was covered in leaves. I mean covered like you could lose a kid under the foot deep foliage.

I’ve heard that mowing without raking can build up a mulch layer that is good for the soil, but I think he’s doing it at the wrong time. We all know the snow is coming and the only thing he gained by chopping the leaves to bits was avoid an hour of work.

The problem that I see is that layer of dead leaf is going to kill his grass because it won’t get a chance to decompose once the snow falls and stays with us till June.

What’s your opinion? Would it have been worth his time to rake the yard one last time before the white winter or did he gain an hour of quality time with his recliner? Fill out the comment form below to let me know your opinion.

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