The Grinch Tries (Unsuccessfully) To Steal Christmas from Marquette Township

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The Grinch trying to take over at Great Lakes Radio

Marquette TownshipDecember 4, 2013 – The Grinch slunk into Great Lakes Radio last night and tried to steal the airwaves. I guess he doesn’t like Christmas music.

He threatened to steal Christmas from all the kids that were gathering outside The Westwood Mall to see Santa Claus.

He spent some time trying to take over the station, but we had plenty of staff here to chase him off! Before he left the radio station, he even tried to steal the TRENARY TOAST from the Shopping Show!


The Grinch is caught – He just doesn’t know it yet

The Grinch must have gotten hungry at Great Lakes Radio because he and his dog, Max, went to Applebee’s and started harassing them! He even made off with a whole takeout order!

The Redmen Chorale were helping the Township welcome Santa with Christmas carols and when they started singing “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” that mean ol’ Grinch ran up onto the stage to direct them!


Santa Claus arriving on the firetruck

The Grinch didn’t get a chance to steal Christmas from Marquette Township though, because the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department was there waiting for him! They grabbed him as he came off the stage and hauled him away!

Within moments of the Grinch getting arrested, Santa Claus arrived on the firetruck and greeted the crowd of anxious children. Santa started the countdown and then lit the Township Christmas tree.

There were free hayrides given by Michigan Sales & Equipment and inside the mall, Santa was busy listening to what the children wanted for Christmas.

The Marquette Township Tree Lighting Celebration was a lot of fun last night. For more pictures of all the fun, go to the Marquette Township Business Association website.



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