Negaunee Miners & Ishpeming Hematites LIVE Again on the Radio

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High School Basketball Coverage Live on SunnyFM and 983-WRUP

High School Basketball Coverage Live on SunnyFM and 983-WRUP

Negaunee December 30, 2013 – I am excited High School basketball is going on again and it’s LIVE on the Radio.

It always makes me smile when the hoops begin because it’s like winter is well underway. Sure the NFL is still going strong. Sure high school varsity football has come to a close. The holidays are basically done and gift giving is finished.

But girls and boys high school basketball is a sign that high is going strong again. Kids are engaging on the courts and in the classrooms. Winter sports are hopping. The Noke will happen soon as will the sled dog races. And snowmobiling is safe on the ice.

It’s really kinda cool all those things that happen in the U.P. right in the middle of basketball season. Go Miners & Go Hematities. These two teams make for a good night at home, sipping a Diet Pepsi, and listening to the Radio broadcast.

If you are in business locally, and you’d like to be in the broadcast, call me and we can put your message in the game. Todd 906-228-6800.

Which broadcast do you like better? Mike PLourde on 983 with Ishpeming? Or Carl Johnson on Sunny 101.9 with the Miners?

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