Dress Up Your Pet Today!

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Nova German Shepherd Dog Brown Jacket

She’s so cute, but I think we need to find a better-fitting jacket for her.

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 14, 2014  –  Break out your pet’s best outfits today — it’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

I have a German Shepherd Dog named Nova that will put up with just about anything from my daughter.

They are growing up together and are best friends. So it’s never a surprise when I come home and the dog is wearing clothes.

I’m guilty, too. When she was just a pup, I put her in a little sundress and sunglasses. She looked so cute!

Nova has worn everything from t-shirts and bandanas to sweatpants and those paper sunglasses you get from the eye doctor.

I didn’t know there was an entire day dedicated to dressing up your pets! I wonder if I can find clothes for our guinea pigs…

Do you dress up your pets? In honor of Dress Up Your Pet Day, you should dress them up and take a picture of them. Submit your pictures here and I’ll do a follow-up post with the pictures you send in!

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