Potatoes Have More Potassium Than Bananas

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baked potato

I had no idea potatoes had so much potassium in them.

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 20, 2014  – Seriously. According to the USDA, an average-sized baked potato with the skin has TWICE as much potassium as an average-sized banana.

If you read my first story, Recovering From a Sports Injury and Losing Weight with the Help of a Trainer, you know that I’m trying to make it through my workouts without having to stop for cramping muscles.

This week my trainer Amanda and I talked about the way my paraspinus muscles (the ones that run along either side of your spine) keep cramping up while I’m working out and how increasing my potassium might help. When they cramp up it can be hard to maintain good form or even stand up straight.

Changing My Diet  –  I’m in the process of changing my diet. I recently found out that my hemoglobin was so low I couldn’t even donate blood, so I’m taking an iron supplement.


Bananas have potassium, but potatoes have more — AND potatoes go better with steak.

I’m also going to increase my intake of potassium through potassium-rich foods (like baked potatoes — thanks for the tip, Amanda). Hmm, maybe I should go out more often for a steak and baked potato.

I also recently spoke with Sherri Rule, a nutritionist from Marquette General Hospital. She leads a nutrition class at Synergy Fitness and is doing an assessment of the foods I ate over a four-day period. I’ll share those results when I get them.

At the gym  –  This week we started doing more focused workouts. Monday was the worst day. I really don’t like upper body workouts — I never have — but Amanda isn’t about to cut me any slack or let me wimp out.

I made it through the workout, but the pull-ups were THE WORST! I was a little stiff the next day and it got much worse from there. I couldn’t straighten my arms until Saturday morning.

I’m still working on last week’s goal of making it through a one-hour workout without stopping for pain and cramps. Hopefully with stretching at home and tweaking my diet a little, I’ll be able to move on to bigger goals soon.

Do you have any tips or advice for overcoming cramps while you’re working out? How about your favorite post-workout snack or even a recipe for awesome baked potatoes? Leave your comment below.

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