Health Care Horror For Josie Gracchi Whom Has Serious Breast Cancer.

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January 20, 2013 – Obama Care has caused Josie great concern. According to this FOX News interview, January 3rd Josie was to have a biopsy and surgery to remove a severe form of breast cancer that just doesn’t wait.

January 1st 2014 she rolled into a new individual plan. As you know, Obama Care requires different doctors and hospitals as part of the exchange. So Josie could no longer see her surgeon, and no longer has access to that surgeon or hospital for the biopsy and surgery scheduled for January 3 2014.

That was 17days ago. The Uneven Exchange has frustrated Josie. She has called in via phone, been on hold for nearly 3 hours, just to be told they don’t know who can do the the surgery and they have no idea where she should go.

Here is her story in a short 2 minute video.

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