Shine On Marquette

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Shine On Marquette

The people at NBC and The Today Show want to help shine a light on healthy living this year. They are looking for a city to partner with and help along the journey to learning how to  live better by eating healthier, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

You can help by commenting on the NBC Shine a Light Facebook Page and tell them why Marquette, Michigan should be NBC’s choice.

Let them know about our love of nature and the feeling of community that you get the instant you talk to anyone around town. From the owners or our local shops, to people like Doctor Guy Lasich, who is helping promote this event, Marquette is constantly striving to keep our friends and family living to their fullest potential.

Help get Marquette to the top of the list by sharing this post with your friends or by sending them to our page Shine On You can also visit the Shine a Light Today Facebook page to find out about other causes that Today’s anchors are supporting. Let’s do this Marquette!

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  1. Marquette is a beautiful piece of America, however many people need to be inspired to live healthier lives. We have long winters & people need to get out & move. Too many want to hibernate like our bears. Healthy eating and exercise need to become part of daily routines. Help Marquette Inspire their people to become roll models for the rest of the country. Thank you.

    Nancy Fosco
    February 5, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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