Icy Roads Make For Dicey Driving Conditions

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car accident at marquette mall

Police and firefighters respond to an accident at the entrance of the Marquette Mall today.

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 21, 2014  –  Give yourself some extra time today if you’re heading out in your car. The roads are ice-covered and slippery.

I came across a two-car accident at the entrance of the Marquette Mall on my way back from the gym.

Remember to slow down when the roads are bad. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself 10-15 minutes extra to get to your destination.

Before you leave, make sure you can see clearly — brush that snow and ice off your car. Don’t forget to clear the headlights and taillights so other drivers can see you too!

If you need to drive today and this evening, please be careful. If you don’t, stay warm at home and break out a board game with your family. I suggest Scrabble.

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