Today is National Kazoo Day

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red and blue kazoos

I have several kazoos at home. How many do you have?

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 28, 2014  –  National Kazoo Day? Yep! Of all the goofy holidays I know, this one is definitely my favorite.

I can’t help but smile every time I see a kazoo — especially if said kazoo is in the hands of a small child. I know, the noise can be irritating, but just seeing a kazoo brings me back to the summer that I turned 15.

My grandmother passed away that spring and I spent most of that summer with my grandfather. We spent our mornings at the Ishpeming cemetery caring for the family graves and talking about “good ol’ days.” Well, he talked… I mostly listened.

In the afternoons, he spent hours teaching me how to drive on every backwoods road you could think of.

The radio in Grampa Bud’s car didn’t work. It never bothered him because he liked to sing and play his kazoo for entertainment. That’s the kind of man he was — if you ever ran into an elderly gent singing at the top of his lungs and waltzing his way through Walmart in the early 2000’s, that was my grampa.

As a teenager I got so sick of grampa’s kazoo by the end of each day… I even remember wanting to pitch it out the window at one point. When he got sick of playing his kazoo, he’d just sing to me. Now, I’d give just about anything to hear that kazoo again or just to hear his voice once more.

Grampa Bud taught me how to drive that summer — I have his lead foot (and a few speeding tickets) to prove it. Every time a family member makes a joke about my driving, I think of grampa and his kazoo. It cracks me up that a kazoo has become my symbol for Grampa Bud. It fits though, and I think he’d approve.

Happy National Kazoo Day everyone! Go out and find a kazoo and make some happy noise!




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