Welfare Recipients Are Abusing Their Government Provided ATM Cards For Extravagant Spending

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Lanai Resort Room Purchased By a Welfare Card

Lanai Resort Room Purchased By a Welfare Card

California January 29, 2014 – Welfare recipients are now given an ATM card so they can draw against their accounts at anytime and they are using these ATM’s at expensive resorts all around America. They are drawing on their tax payer benefits for casino activities versus using the money for the helpless and needy… Really???

What California media has discovered is those that are supposed to be needy and less fortune are traveling to Vegas casinos, Disneyland and Disney World, Hawaii and the island of Lanai using their ATM cards at the Four Season Resort.

Welfare recipients are spending tax paper money off their ATM’s on all sorts of UN-needed, extravagant things. The LA Times has UN-covered this abuse and announced their findings because the government hasn’t controlled it and /or isn’t aware of it.

Hey, abuse of the handout as welfare recipients spend at expensive bars on Miami’s South Beach is plain wrong. More big government, offering more assistance, UN-restricted as it is, is just wrong.

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