Have You Done Your R.A.K. Today?

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Travis Loves R.A.K.s

Travis Loves R.A.K.s

Marquette, MI (2/14/14) A R.A.K. or Random Act of Kindness is a daily event for Travis Clark, who sings for the band We The Kings. When their newest album Somewhere Somehow released it quickly climbed to number 44 on Billboard’s top 200.

For Christmas 2013, Travis was given a video camera by the band’s bass player, Charles Trippy son of Charles “Chaz” Trippy of the Gregg Allman band. With this camera Travis has been documenting his life with video blogs (vlogs) posted onto YouTube.

Since then he has uploaded a few songs he has been working on, his attempt at getting an acting gig, and the adventures of his girlfriend Jennifer who is a professional actress and dancer. If you watched Fall Out Boy’s performance during the Pro-Bowl you saw Jennifer as one of the dancers.

A daily thing that Travis and Jennifer like to do is perform a random good deed for a stranger. One day they wrote little notes telling people to smile and placed them on windshields in a mall parking lot. Another day they paid for someone’s coffee anonymously. They say that the point of a R.A.K. is to spread happiness to people who might be having a bad day and just need an emotional boost.

I did my own R.A.K. the other day when I noticed that someone in my parking lot was having trouble with a flat tire. I ended up taking the tire off for him and driving him to an auto place to have that tire and his spare fixed and re-inflated. I didn’t do it for karma or to make myself feel good. I did it because of the inspiration of Travis Clark and his vlogs.

So the next time you see someone who might be having a bad day, try cheering them up with a little note of encouragement. And then go check out Travis’ vlogs on YouTube at TravisClarkTV. Or you can visit Charles Trippy’s at InternetKilledTV. Then tell us about your R.A.K. in the comments below.

Flat Tire In The Snow

Fixing a Flat Tire

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