The Big Night

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Proposal Ring

So Big Its Blinding

Marquette, MI (2/14/14) It’s Valentines Day and someone’s getting proposed to tonight. Before you start to congratulate me, let me explain.

I have dinner plans, but they’re not with my special someone. I’ll be riding solo to this party and I’m okay with it, for one reason. My best friend told me that he’s going to propose to his girlfriend of many years. And he wants all of his friends around when he pops the question.

Have you ever met a couple that seem so perfect for each other that it makes you want to puke? That is these two. They love the same shows, they go to the gym together, and no matter how much they argue it ends in a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

If you could send some good vibes his way, I’m sure he’s getting sweaty palms right about now. I know he’ll kill me if anyone figures it out from this post and ruins the surprise. But, I’m so excited for the two of them that I had to write about it.

Now, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or propose to your snuggle bug to make today special. All it takes is telling them how they make you feel. My hope is that the future lady in my life knows she’s beautiful not because of what she sees in the mirror, but because she sees me staring when she walks in the room.

So tonight, tell someone what they mean to you. If you can afford chocolate or flowers, include a little note with ten reasons you appreciate them. And if you are truly alone, know that you are amazing just the way you are and we here at Sunny care about you. Happy Valentines Day!

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