Jackpine 30 Mushers Honored at Awards Ceremony

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Matt Sturmer of Bruce Crossing took First Place in the Jackpine 30 dog sled race in Gwinn on Saturday.

Gwinn, Michigan  –  February 17, 2014 –  The Jackpine 30 sled dog race took place Saturday in Gwinn. Results were announced and awards given to the mushers at the awards ceremony held at the UP North Lodge later that day.

The race is approximately 26 miles long and started at Larry’s Foods in Gwinn. The trail went out North to County Road NNP, where it  looped and came back through Gwinn to end at the First Baptist Church. Volunteers assisted at the road crossings and the race went smoothly.

Linda Thompson of Cannon Falls, Minnesota took Second Place

Linda Thompson of Cannon Falls, Minnesota took Second Place

According to the UP 200 website, this is the first year that the Jackpine 30 had a $1,000 purse. Prize money was awarded to the first eight finishers as follows: First place – $200, Second place – $180, Third place – $160, Fourth place – $130, Fifth place – $110, Sixth place – $85, Seventh place – $75, and Eighth place – $60.

The first eight finishers also received a plaque commemorating the race and baseball caps were given to the first three finishers – but only the First Place winner got the red cap.

Matt Sturmer, a Bruce Crossing resident, took home first place on Saturday. After receiving his Jackpine 30 plaque, red baseball cap and cash prize, he thanked the volunteers and race officials for all their help and hard work.


The rest of the first eight finishers were as follows:

  • Second place: Linda Thompson  –  Cannon Falls, Minnesota
  • Third place: Randy Foust  –  Mountain, Wisconsin
  • Fourth place: Fred Powers  –  Wetmore, Michigan
  • Fifth place: Susan Serafini  –  Hancock, Michigan
  • Sixth place: Tom Roig  –  Shreve, Ohio
  • Seventh place: Hannah Abbotts  –  Calumet, Michigan
  • Eighth place: Teri Grout  –  Chatham, Michigan

Darlene Walch coordinated this year’s event with the help of her co-coordinators, Kaci Murringer and Tom Gillespie. She thanked the sponsors, the volunteers, and of course, the mushers for making this year’s Jackpine 30 a success.

Photos from the Jackpine 30 Awards Ceremony

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