Celebrating National Chocolate Mint Day

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Rilee Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Web Developer Rilee enjoying her Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Jilbert Dairy

Marquette, Michigan  –  February 19, 2014  –  Today is National Chocolate Mint Day and since it is so nice outside, I decided to make an ice cream run for the office!

I think Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream fits this holiday pretty well… especially since the sun is shining and you can even see some bare pavement out there.

I drove over to Jilbert Dairy in a hoodie with my shades on and the window rolled down. It’s practically summer out there today!

Join us in celebrating National Chocolate Mint Day. Just find yourself some chocolatey minty goodies and enjoy!

In fact, you should take a selfie with your chocolate-mint treat and send it to us so we can include your picture in our Great Lakes Radio Community Galleries.

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