Danger! Genius at Work…?

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Albert Einstein's desk

Albert Einstein’s desk

Marquette, Michigan  –  April 2, 2014  –  I recently received an email about messy desks. I had to share it for the same reason it was shared with me — I know people who have messy desks.

My own desk at home is messy. It looks like a pile of papers and books grew wooden legs and is preparing to bolt from my office.

The only neat and orderly shelves in my bookcases are the ones that I can’t easily reach.

The email started with, “An empty desk means an empty mind,” followed by a picture of a very messy, very familiar desk — Albert Einstein’s.

Conservative Author and Commentator William F. Buckley's desk

William F. Buckley’s desk

Nat Hentoff's desk

Nat Hentoff’s desk

I thought it was funny that the only clean shelves in his office were the top ones as well.











“Oh good,” I thought, as I read the email, “at least I’m in good company.”

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, Conservative Author and Commentator William F. Buckley, and Writer and Historian Nat Hentoff all had desks that looked like a tornado went through their offices.

This final picture really made me laugh:


President Barack Obama sitting at desk


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