Marquette Township Business Association Meeting Met Today

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The Marquette Township Business Association met at the Comfort Suites, next to Hudsons

Marquette Township  –  March 18, 2014  – Marquette Township Treasurer Ernie Johnson spoke at the Marquette Township Business Association luncheon today about the Township Board Meeting tonight and pending business that should be discussed and approved.

Grants: The Recreation Committee (part of the Township Planning Commission) will be accepting three grants this evening totaling approximately $190,000. The grant money is for improvements at Lions Field plus landscaping and new buildings, and improvements at Schwemin Park plus landscaping and new buildings. Marquette Township received a $25,000 donation from the Heritage Trail, which set the Schwemin Park grant in motion.

The Township will accept dollars tonight through the North Star Academy and the Indian funds as a portion of the grant. North Star Academy asked for a $3,000 grant but was given $30,000. $3,000 of the grant will be spent as designated in the grant request, the remaining $27,000 can be used as the Recreation Committee sees fit.

Road Conditions: The Road Commission is looking at all road issues in Marquette Township to see what roads they should be working on, including a look at lighting projecting ahead many years. There will be a November millage as the Road Commission has no funds. It might be a 1 mil request in November. The state needs to know by July or August for the Township to qualify for that election.

Relocation of the Hospital: As far as building the hospital in Marquette Township, there has been no additional movement. The township continues to give Duke Life Point information. Developer questions about Township services such as police, fire, roads and utilities have been reviewed, including a discussion on the height of a new building.

Ladder Truck Recertification: The Township has to recertify the ladder truck every five years, which costs about $25,000 to do so. They purchased the truck in the 90s for $400,000. Today’s price is about a million dollars.

Water Shutoffs: There are 40 people on a let run right now and three sewers froze up in the Township. The Township is receiving calls every day about the let run. It is costing the Township quite a bit more than planned. They took a look at the sewer plan out on US 41 and don’t view themselves in trouble yet with excessive water, but they did hear that Ishpeming is running into problems.

Erie Street by Lions Field: After tonight’s discussion on grants, the Board feels that road might be abandoned this year officially. The grants will help make a new development around Lions Field. Apparently the state and county have already signed off on it.

Potential Luge World Cup Race: A member of the Township Board works with the Luge Association in Negaunee. There is news that in February of 2016, they may hold a World Cup race with 10-18 nations to be invited. That would create a lot of interest. They are looking at a dual parallel track, which is more spectator friendly. This is pending the approval of the federation. Ernie pointed out that he worked the last one in 1995. There was a tremendous amount of spectators in our area because a lot of sliders come from each nation and they have huge support crews that come along. The committee meets at the dome the first Monday of every month at 6 pm. You can find the Luge Association on Facebook.

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