Today is National Something on a Stick Day

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Walt Lindala – Captain Corndog?

March 28, 2014  –  March 28, 2014  –  Today is National Something on a Stick Day. It’s also National Weed Appreciation Day, but since our weeds are still covered with several feet of snow, let’s just focus on Something on a Stick Day.

On this silly holiday, you can celebrate by eating your favorite on-a-stick foods like corndogs (which we had at the Sunny station today), popsicles, and lollipops. In fact, this wacky holiday made’s list of 17 Weird Food Holidays.

OR, you could get a stick, put something on it and send a picture to They have a gallery of photos sent in by readers with everything from a basketball on a stick to Napoleon Dynamite on a stick.

It’s always fun to celebrate weird holidays and after all the snow last night and the harrowing drive to work this morning, we could probably all use a little goofiness today.


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