Dan Beltz of Marquette Wins the John Deere Mower!

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Happy Todd & Winner

Congratulations, Dan Beltz – Grand Prize Winner

Marquette, Michigan  –  April 4, 2014  –  Dan Beltz of Marquette was the lucky Grand Prize winner last night at Red Rock Lanes and Banquet Center in Ishpeming. He won the John Deere Zero-Turn Mower from Michigan Sales!

It took a while to get all those little yellow registration slips entered into our computer system – there were THOUSANDS of them! We mailed out hundreds of invitations and it was great to see so many people show up with their guests.

The giveaway party was a lot of fun. Although there was a long line to get in, people were smiling and having a good time. I really enjoyed talking to some of our fans who came from all over the area.

The food from Mama Russo’s was excellent (as usual) and the waitstaff at Red Rocks Lanes and Banquet Center did a fantastic job with the drinks.

I even got to watch Dan Beltz drive his new mower for the first time! He looked like an old pro trying it out in the parking lot. He even backed it right up into the trailer when he was done. I’m pretty sure he’s going to enjoy mowing his lawn from now on.

Last night was exciting and I had a great time! I hope everyone else did, too.

Check out our gallery of photos here!

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