Spring is Finally Here… and So are the U.P. Potholes!

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2014 Spring Potholes Marquette County Michigan 03

Look at this MONSTER!!!

Marquette, Michigan  –  April 29, 2014  –  Spring is finally here… too bad the potholes came with it.

The potholes seem endless, along with our car repair bills! These inconvenient ruts are popping up everywhere in Marquette County, and becoming harder to avoid.

The word around the Great Lakes Radio office is that everything from coil springs to rims and tires have been reported as casualties of these craters.

A simple wheel alignment will cost about $50, while damages to shocks and struts can run up to $2,500 or more! I hope you saved your tax refund, because it might be going towards an unexpected bill at the garage.

The unpredictable fluctuations in the weather make pothole repair difficult, as road crews must wait for ideal conditions. When ice, snow, and water fill the cavities, it is impossible to patch.

Rest assured, the repairs will be tended to as fast as the weather will allow.

While none of us are exactly pleased, potholes are a true promise of spring, so keep your eyes open and proceed cautiously!

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