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Island Resort Championship at Sweetgrass will be held June 27-29!
Tim kramer of the Symetra Tour addressed the room at Sweetgrass
Golfers golfing!?  How odd.
Tim Kramer (left) is a representative of the Symetra Tour and met up with Major Discount to discuss the event!
Who does an interview better than Major Discount?  This time he caught up with Carly Werwie (left) of the tour!
Carly Werwie (left) of  Wisconsin will be participating in the tournament at the end of June!
It's going to be a fun weekend at Sweetgrass at the end of June.
The excitement was palpable as the promotion for the tournament went off without a hitch.
The Crew at Sweetgrass is ready, just ask Dean (left)
Bill Tibor (center) was with Major Discount and the crew at Sweetgrass was more than helpful.
Carly Werwie was able to get away from the event to get a few swings in!

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