Protect Your Paint – Get to the UP North CarWash Today!

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UP North Car Wash Marquette Michigan 011

Manager Rob Lofaro and his team of professionals will help you keep your car’s finish looking great!

Marquette, Michigan  –  June 25, 2014  –  Nobody likes to have dead bugs on their car. Not only does it look bad, the acidity of those little bugs can eat right through your paint! Avoid costly repairs by getting your car washed today at the UP North CarWash in Marquette.

The UP North CarWash offers several cleaning packages and they hand-prep your car before it goes through the car wash. You won’t find that kind of attention to detail at any other automatic car wash.

After the prep-work is done, your car goes through the automatic car wash and gets soaped up and scrubbed down by the super-soft cell foam scrubbers. Those scrubbers are cleaned regularly to ensure the best treatment of your car. After a final rinse, you drive through the dryers and hit the road in a shiny, clean car.

You can trust the UP North CarWash to keep your car’s finish looking bright and shiny. Stop by today and baby your car with a hand-prepped car wash – only at UP North CarWash in Marquette.




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