Dogs Have Magic Abilities!

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Choco focused on a chipmunk in our back yard

Choco focused on a chipmunk in our back yard

Marquette, MIMay 24, 2016 – I walk out of the office on an 80-degree day in May (as we all know, it is a rare blessing) and head home for lunch. When I arrive, I find my 10-year old chocolate lab, Choco, eagerly waiting for me as I walk in the door. Because of the nice weather, and my fenced in back yard, I decide to take Choco and my lunch to the back yard for some much needed fresh air. I get about half way through my lunch when I see Choco chasing something through the yard. I start to walk over to make sure she isn’t terrorizing the chipmunks that like to visit us, and I notice that what she is chasing was a yellow, solid plastic ball. Choco does not have a yellow plastic ball in her collection of toys.

Before that day, my yard had been raked, mowed and cleaned by my roommate and myself numerous times. There was never a yellow plastic ball anywhere to be found. Choco had found a toy that was previously invisible to everyone else. I’m sure this is a sign that my dog is definitely a magic retriever because she found and brought me something that I didn’t even know was there or knew I wanted. However, this surprise was a lot better than the deer part presents I used to receive from my previous dog.

Needless to say, Choco found a way to play with me until I had to return to the office. She never ceases to surprise me even after 10 years together. Please share your stories about your pets’ magical abilities in the comments below! We all know our friends still have some tricks to show us!

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