Three Reasons Why City Girls Shouldn’t Have to Clean the Garage

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I’m a true city girl. Cleaning the house is easy. Cleaning the garage – that is a whole different story. Some projects just shouldn’t be tackled. Here are the highlights from my struggle.


1) Mysterious Items

This bucket may look normal but it was filled with a dark grainy mixture and weighed a ton! I don’t think it’s dangerous. I also had no idea where it belonged!



2) Distractions

dollyLook! I found a skateboard! Well, that’s not what it’s supposed to be used for…





3) So Many Small Tools!Toolbox

The before and after versions of this shelf looked pretty similar. Before – a ton of tools scattered across the workbench. After – a ton of tools scattered neatly across the workbench.




An hour later, I found a better way to clean the garage. “DAD! Go clean the garage!”




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