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Marquette, MI  –  April 9, 2017  –   Have Americans become so accustomed to being lied to by politicians, that we are losing the ability to trust anything coming out of Washington? One person wants immunity before they’ll talk, another person doesn’t remember anything, but then ten days later really remembers everything. Members of one party cannot openly and easily admit that taking action against the use of chemical weapons is an unqualified good thing to do. How some politicians can dance on on the head of such a pin, is beyond comprehension.

Does the collective known as “Washington” really think mainstream America is that shallow mentally as to not possess the cognizant ability to discern the nuances and inferences between the lines? There was a shallow group of people in history that showed up with palms in their hands one week shouting “hosanna” and the next week crying “crucify him”! This week on Time for Wisdom, we’ll consider all of these things, and we’ll listen to some of Pastor Jeff’s original music.

Pastor Jeff