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EZ Stop warming up on the field
Great Lakes Radio provided the stage for the bands and coverage on air!
The Sunny Sluggers warming up.
The Sunny Sluggers!
Bob B was on keys from 12-2 today.
Ryan passing to first base
Wynter taking her first swing at the ball.
Kat as tracking the ball!
Nice hit from the Township Folk.
They had us going there for a bit!
Bill did a great job pitching for the team
Eevee did a great job covering second base.
Ryan tossing one back to first.
Jerry throwing to second.
Kat was umpire for the day
Wynter in the outfield.
Bill taking his first swing.
Eevee hitting it low and fast.
Just hanging out on third.
Jerry hitting the ball to bring in a three man home run!
Todd took over in the right side outfield.
Luke was playing hot today.
Wynter did a great job today.
Bruce was back in the outfield too.
Jerry covering first.
The Folks got another of third!
Ryan hitting it far into the field.
Major Discount about to raffle one away.
Kat hanging out on first!
Nice swing Bruce.
Luke hit it out of the park! - Really, he did.
The Sluggers win!
Warm hand shakes from all.
The Sunny Sluggers and the Township Folk
The Sunny Sluggers and the Township Folk
The Sunny Sluggers and the State Troopers
Thanks to B Dogs BBQ coming out today.
That Copper Crust Co. Pizza was amazing!
We got a fill in from the EZ Stop
One of the state troopers players' running for first.
Another fill in for the Sluggers!
Those policemen had the field covered!
Still made it on to second.
Both teams played well today.
Emergency response vehicles were on site to give free truck tours.
Just enjoying the nice day!
Northern Michigan University made it out today too.
Kids really enjoyed the park today.
The Annual Catch the Vision Community Days from the MTBA
Catch out the Lifetracker Program.
We enjoyed a frozen delight from Oscar's Ice Cream Treats
Double Trouble DJ's had two giant inflatables out there today.
Just watching the game!
Congrats to all of the teams for playing great today.
Everyone did a great job and some went home with trophies!
The EZ Stop Rep of the day
Congrats EZ Stop for being this year's annual softball tournament winner!
Daydreamers played 7pm to 10pm!
We had a good crowd out for the evening showsWe had a good crowd out for the evening shows