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Time For Wisdom - Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Time For Wisdom – Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Marquette, MI  –  October 20, 2017  –  This week was very revealing about what must be, the behind the scenes conversations at various media outlets, newspapers and television networks. Why? When confronted by serious news, decisions have to made in high places, whether or not to report it. It is in such ivory towers built of biases, that fake news is born.

Play taps and mark the calendar, because honest, unbiased journalism is dead. One day this week I held my nose and fast forwarded through three hours of a recorded morning news program for the purpose of finding out if they mentioned one of the biggest breaking news stories of my lifetime. No they didn’t; not a word, not a jot, nor a tittle.

This week on Time For Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony tackle the necessity of navigating life through hearing from God, and the reality of how some people can hear the exact same thing and yet come away with completely opposite and opposing viewpoints. Jesus had an experience recorded in John chapter 12, where His Heavenly Father spoke out loud for everyone to hear, but those present other than Jesus, either thought they heard thunder, or an angel.

The pastors will share stories of how hearing from God can lead to miraculous interventions in people’s lives; such as in the life of Judah Campbell from Kelowna, British Columbia.

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