Call 227-7777 to Comment on Marquette County Issues Saturday Mornings 10am on Marquette County’s Very Own

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A new LOCAL Talk show comes to Sunny 101point9 Saturday Mornings at 10am. Local artist/activist Dan Adamini invites you to Share The Air.

Dan’s goal is not to have a political show, but rather one that shares both sides of Marquette County Local Issues. This is your chance to better understand the issues, and talk about the issues that are prevalent this week and this month.

Dan’s BIO is listed on-line and is as follows:

Dan Adamini is a conservative living in Marquette, Michigan.
A Church Musician, Composer & Clinician, his views have been formed after decades of volunteering in his community. The primary difference between Conservatives and others is how they approach problems. A Conservative will donate his/her own time & treasure to help others. Non-Conservative people tend to use other people’s money to help others, and often complain that other people are not doing enough.

Please share the air this Saturday Morning on Sunny at 10am. Call 227-7777 to comment.

Dan Adamin Invite You To "Sahre The Air" Sound Off Saturday 10am on Sunny101point9 and on-line at

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