Synergy Fitness and Active Physical Therapy Talk to Community About New Local Injury Recovery Program

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It was great hearing form the people who will actually be working with the team.

It was great hearing form the people who will actually be working with the team.

Marquette, MI  –  December 21, 2017  –  The upper room at Ore Dock Brewing Company was packed with about 40 guests and staff on Wednesday evening for a 5:30pm presentation on injury recovery.

‘Setting the Standard For Injury Recovery’ was a free seminar lead by two local businesses focused on healthy living: Synergy Fitness and Active Physical Therapy. Both groups shared their thoughts about injury recovery, our currently medical market, and how joining forces can make us stronger. Active and Synergy have joined up to create a team of medical professionals to help community members with their recovery process. During a time when healthcare costs are rising and deductibles and co-pays are growing, the amount you can afford to spend visiting a physical therapist gets limited.

Three health professionals presented and talked and took questions during the evening at Ore Dock. Presenters included Brian Claus, Kristin Adreae, and Kyle Aho. All three are trained professionals with various different backgrounds including work as a Certifid Strength and Conditioning Specialist, experience with spinal cord stimulations, and the nationally growing threat, Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

If you missed out on the seminar but want to see how the team can not only meet but exceed your therapy goals, pick up the phone and dial (906) 228-7600 to talk to someone about your condition. You can also learn more online at and

Their combination of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training services that can improve and extend your therapy in an affordable way. Let the team be your one-stop-shop for injury rehabilitation.