Glass or Wood… Touch Screens or Grease & Go Jo Hand Cleaner

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corning glass and touch screens

There’s so much under the glass these days.

It seems like there is glass all around us.

Take a peek at this 5 minute Dow Corning video about the applications of glass.

But for me, I really don’t like touch screen stuff. I kinda prefer wood, rough sawn to be exact in cedar or pine.

Writing on the fridge

I like sap-grease-water and GO Jo hand cleaner in the garage.

I much prefer solid timbers made from Jack Pine to anything made of glass.

Glass is an inside thing & I prefer some fresh air, green grass and a good dose of mud.

But nevertheless, you might like this glass experience.

Let me know if you could live with this much glass?

Please watch it and let me know with a comment.

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